Ways to Connect
 Come to Corridor Community Church you will be welcomed at the door with a smile. When you come in to the auditorium you will have an opportunity to grab a coffee and meet some of the great people that make up Corridor Community Church. When the service starts at 10:30 we will begin with a time of praise and worship. The music at Corridor is growing. We have great musicians and we have room for more who would like to be a part of a dynamic music group who practice and hone their skills to lead people and play skillfully to welcome people into the Presence of God. KIDS ARE A BIG DEAL at Corridor Community Church. We have a great group of children's leaders to help our kids grow in the knowledge and power of God. We have trained, and continue to train, our workers with "Plan to Protect"© to see that our kids have a safe and fun area to learn about Jesus and grow in a personal relationship with Him. Our kids service starts at the same time as the worship service, so if you have children go downstairs and sign your kids in. Upstairs, You'll notice as the service begins that we have a diverse group. We have a number of young families as well as some seniors in our congregation. The dress is as diverse as the people. We might have someone in a tank top, and we might have others in a full suit or dress. Its all good. There is a dress code... clothes are necessary. Style isn't. After the worship time we'll pause for announcements, receive tithes & offerings and the service continues with preaching. The preaching at Corridor is a dynamic time in the Word of God, the Bible. We will spend 30-45 minutes reading and talking about God and how it impacts our life today. This time could include video, skits, and other creative expressions to better communicate the truth of the Gospel. We will usually conclude the service with prayer and/or a song. Sometimes we will even invite people to the front to pray with them. This is normal but is not required to attend. After the service is dismissed you'll often find people sticking around for a coffee and to socialize. This is important because it builds the relationships that are so vital to the health of Corridor Community Church.  Check out our Weekly Newsletter

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Connect — Coming together as a local, Gospel-centered community is instrumental in seeing the love of Jesus proclaimed through our city and to our neighbours.

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